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US-2013288156-A1: Polyimide, polyimide-based polymer electrolyte membrane, membrane-electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell patent, US-2013303636-A1: Tar recovery from gasification of a carbonaceous feedstock patent, US-2014102624-A1: Flexographic printing precursors and methods of making patent, US-2014224994-A1: Radiation Detector patent, US-2014230508-A1: Straightening apparatus patent, US-2014275452-A1: Mixed internal donor structures for 1-olefin polymerization catalysts patent, US-2014328899-A1: Liposomes co-encapsulating a bisphosphonate and an amphipathic agent patent, US-2015024982-A1: Lubricating grease composition patent, US-2015045061-A1: Systems and methods for determining a user equipment location based on measurements from multiple base stations patent, US-2015091460-A1: Power Supply Circuit and Luminaire patent, US-2010249486-A1: Apparatus and method for handling photocurable fluid waste patent, US-2011145326-A1: WORKFLOW CUSTOMIZATION METHOD IN SaaS ENVIRONMENT patent, US-2011199631-A1: Autograph system patent, US-2011212558-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2011222763-A1: Devices and methods of reading monochromatic patterns patent, US-2011245255-A1: Purine compounds patent, US-2011273033-A1: Rotary electric machine patent, US-2012026630-A1: Method and Apparatus For Use In Monitoring Operation of Electrical Switchgear patent, US-2012071336-A1: Antibiotic resistance profile for Neisseria gonorrhoeae and use of same in diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea patent, US-2012093183-A1: Cooling module for laser, fabricating method thereof, and semiconductor laser fabricated from the module patent, US-2012100409-A1: Cable-type secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012123674-A1: Displaying product recommendations on a map patent, US-2012147578-A1: Radio-Frequency Packaging with Reduced RF Loss patent, US-2012154787-A1: Droplet counting and measuring device patent, US-2012156192-A1: Treatment of Diseases and Disorders Using Self-Renewing Colony Forming Cells Cultured and Expanded In Vitro patent, US-2012167008-A1: Presenting an Application Change through a Tile patent, US-2012189330-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2012309027-A1: Quantitative peptide analysis by mass spectrometry patent, US-2013022730-A1: Cellulose composite patent, US-2013024884-A1: System and method for applying tv settings to plural tvs through a network patent, US-2013042475-A1: Panels and processes therefor patent, US-2013277051-A1: One trip treatment system with zonal isolation patent, US-2013337060-A1: Oral Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms patent, US-2014049175-A1: Power supply circuit for a pfc converter patent, US-2014249018-A1: Glass substrate for flat panel display and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2014316090-A1: Method for producing methacrylic resin for optical film patent, US-2014349205-A1: Fuel cell stack compression system having integrated vehicle mounts patent, US-2010158501-A1: Vibrating device and image equipment having the same patent, US-2010181538-A1: Coated susceptor for a high-temperature furnace and furnace comprising such a susceptor patent, US-2010209941-A1: Method, device and kit for determining conditions related to a dysfunction of the renal proximal tubule patent, US-2010271824-A1: Mounting devices for lasers, reflectors, and receivers patent, US-2010295686-A1: Usability features for integrated insulin delivery system patent, US-2011008720-A1: Toner for developing electrostatic image, full color toner kit, and image formation method patent, US-2011165992-A1: Control apparatus and method for controlling a hybrid vehicle patent, US-2011212556-A1: Process to form a mold of nanoimprint technique for making diffraction grating for dfb-ld patent, US-2011288921-A1: Method and system for determining average values for displayed information items patent, US-2012037565-A1: Methods and Materials for Selective Boron Adsorption from Aqueous Solution patent, US-2012052215-A1: Method for manufacturing gas barrier thin film-coated plastic container patent, US-2012105020-A1: Controller for ac generator patent, US-2012114873-A1: Process of producing an optical film patent, US-2012118475-A1: Methods of fabricating ultrasonic transducer assemblies patent, US-2012236215-A1: Tv receiver and electronic apparatus patent, US-2012248025-A1: Installation For Treating A Biological Liquid patent, US-2012258354-A1: Packaging for electrochemical device, and electrochemical device patent, US-2012258455-A1: RNase H-Based Assays Utilizing Modified RNA Monomers patent, US-2012286236-A1: Super lattice/quantum well nanowires patent, US-2012314734-A1: Reconstruction filter with built-in balun patent, US-2013004821-A1: Electrical connection structure for increasing the securing reliability and method of manufacturing the same, and battery pack structure patent, US-2013129709-A1: Fraction of Proteins and Peptides Derived from Egg White and Protein Derived From Egg White and Use Thereof as Anti Listeria Agent patent, US-2013247837-A1: Collar apparatus for animal training with length adjustable leash patent, US-2013274814-A1: Bone joining apparatus and method patent, US-2014032070-A1: System For And Method Of Maintaining A Driver Intended Path patent, US-2014039742-A1: Motor driving control apparatus patent, US-2014227334-A1: Self adhesive copper or copper alloy push plate patent, US-2014228553-A1: Luminescent probes for biological labeling and imaging, method for preparing same patent, US-2014256601-A1: Predispersed waxes for oil and gas drilling patent, US-2014295429-A1: Biosample storage devices and methods of use thereof patent, US-2014315225-A1: Methods and compositions for detecting the presence of one or more autoantibodies patent, US-2014329513-A1: Preventing cell phone use while driving patent, US-2014363958-A1: Underlayer film-forming composition and pattern forming process patent, US-2015086798-A1: Coating composition patent, US-2010195608-A1: Communication connection device patent, US-2010255679-A1: Lithography method and apparatus for semiconductor device fabrication patent, US-2010272929-A1: Labels patent, US-2010279244-A1: Method of removing an archwire from an orthodontic bracket and wire disengagement instruments for applying such method patent, US-2011074907-A1: Thermal head, printer, and manufacturing method for thermal head patent, US-2011133645-A1: Circuits and methods for powering light source with balanced currents patent, US-2011237762-A1: Reactor, Process for Producing Prepolymerization Catalyst for Olefin Polymerization, and Process for Producing Olefin Polymer patent, US-2011318151-A1: Grain Buggy Assembly patent, US-2012009193-A1: Method of treating cancer and/or cellular proliferative conditions and agents targeting hyaluronan anabolism useful for same patent, US-2013037092-A1: Ferroelectric diode and photovoltaic devices and methods patent, US-2013077032-A1: Liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal panel and method for manufacturing the same patent, CN-101901910-A: 活性物质和电极的制造方法、活性物质和电极 patent, US-2013084422-A1: Panel Assembly and Method of Making the Same patent, US-2013089010-A1: Methods and apparatus for supporting peer to peer communications patent, US-2013323530-A1: Active solder patent, US-2014154361-A1: Ravioli analogs and methods for making such analogs patent, US-2014173937-A1: Article Of Footwear With Fluid-Filled Chamber Lacking An Inflation Channel And Method For Making The Same patent, US-2014216544-A1: Electrically conductive adhesive, solar battery module using the same, and production method thereof patent, US-2014220475-A1: Catalyst Assembly Including an Intermetallic Compound of Iridium And Tungsten patent, US-2014243427-A1: Process for Preparing a Synthetic Foam Having a Controlled Particle Distribution patent, US-2014253641-A1: Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, piezoelectric element, and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element patent, US-2014290849-A1: Photocurable resin composition and method of manufacturing image display device using the same patent, US-2014294250-A1: Image correction apparatus, image correction method, and biometric authentication apparatus patent, US-2014321969-A1: Slide ring seal patent, US-2015010914-A1: Biomarkers for gastric cancer and uses thereof patent, US-2010156683-A1: Amplifier circuit and a/d converter patent, US-2010167355-A1: Microreactor with vent channels for removing air from a reaction chamber patent, US-2010220773-A1: Indicating and detecting the start of signal transmission employing frequency division multiplexing patent, US-2010266012-A1: Decoding and presentation time stamps for mpeg-4 advanced video coding patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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